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Hey,Vysakh here,thank you for checking out my real and honest review of Google sniper with real pictures(My Account).If you are looking for a real comprehend review of Google Sniper 2.0 then you are at the right place.First of all If you are serious about money making only you can continue, otherwise you can leave it here.It's because Google sniper is such a powerful system which gives you a decent amount of money to your pocket.


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So we can enter the review and know more about Google sniper.....

Definition Of Google Sniper?

Google Sniper a information product created by George Brown. The Google sniping system emphasise automation and thus the tactic is to create websites that make affiliate sales on autopilot. Websites are created within the WordPress platform and rank well in search engines like Google due to conceitedness on page SEO. George reveals his methodology of research of keywords, how does one select the right affiliate product outlet and therefore the details on how to produce sniper sites within the 2.0 update Google Sniper. Also included current coaching videos, workbook and larger access to the materials : Google sniper 104 page e-book, sniper-x modules, empire modules and live webinars ant the tools used by George Brown.

As one of the sniping system testers i have beaten several websites (still counting!) Using the exact technique taught in Google Sniper 2.0 . The sites are currently fixed income and i feel i am on my vacation to work full time from home.

Secret Of Google Sniper?

The secret is very simple. Simply search for a profitable keyword to a level of competence that is simple to compete using the techniques and ideas provided by George brown. Then build a sniper site around it and then the system can work like charm. All you would like to try to do is produce highly optimised SEO "sniper" sites and rinse and repeat all the steps given by George brown to attain your ultimate income. No PPC, no PPV, no CPA, no scams known as "software switches" or "no hands".

I know you'll tell usually this can be often laborious to believe at first, thought the same when I bought Google Sniper. It seemed too simple and believe me it is ..... however it worked for a full time student like me.

Truth Behind Google Sniper Working?

I began to review the sniper system as a result of finding the real truth behind the system.By following the step by step procedure given by George Brown in his E-book and Training Videos, the path became easier and simpler. Achieving $500 a day is a simple task and building a fully optimised sniper sites is also an easy task. When I got my first clickbank sale i was amazed and thanked George Brown For Giving such a wonderful money making system which make real money.

Quickly i realised the power of Google Sniper 2.0 and i just want to dig it faster to attain my result and increase by sales. The main benefit of Google sniper system is FREE TRAFFIC. Yes, free traffic given by the search engines (Organic Traffic) can cause the sniper sites to rank higher and attain maximum results.No need of PPC,CPA & PPV.

Wasting of Time is not happening in this sniping system.Each and every step is very crucial and important. For me up to two hours is needed to complete one sniper site which makes me money for my entire life. This system is mainly optimised for newbies and intermediates.

Set & Forget Google Sniper Sites

For a newbie who is a beginner in the marketing field and wants to make money online, then the system is for them. Applying the tips and techniques prescribed by George Brown for minimum work of two hours and optimising the sniper sites which is a Set & Forget system to make money online.

One main thing for creating sniper sites is to spend around $19 for domain name and hosting. A domain name cost $8 in name cheap and buying a hosting form Host Gator cost around $3/month.It's very simple to buy a domain and hosting form any sites you prefer and attain a maximum income from these sniper sites.

So after creating sniper sites follow the steps given by George to make it effective and catchy to the search engines to index sniper sites faster.It will take two to three weeks time to index your sniper sites in search engines.Some times it will take some more longer depending upon the search engines.

The Unhealthy things

  • Tool for keyword analysis: Notice a profitable keyword is easy with Google Sniper, but lack of information is given there. George didn't specify how to get hungry buyer's to our sniper site and thus make money from them (May be he was afraid to give that technique to us because he may sure that his sales will be lost).If you choose any low keyword for your sniper site may be you will get higher search engine rankings but you will not make money from that.But one of the tools i recommend is Market Samurai.

  • Creating Websites: You have to find time for making sniper sites and fully optimize it for better rankings in search engines. If you are passionate on Google sniper and want to test it out it will be a right decision.But i promise that you will make money from your sniper sites because i had the experience.

  • Knowledge of WordPress: is required to make sniper sites though George covers all in general (The thing is i am not paying a single dime on domain name and hosting because i use free blogging platforms like bloggerWordPress,,tumblr.... to make a decent amount of income.But i am not recommending you to stay on free blogging platforms).

The Healthy Things

  • It works like crazy. Though George is a Millionaire by using his techniques called "Google Sniper", i am not giving you promise that you will make $20,000 in a week/month.But you can make a decent income of extra income is a blessing for everyone.

  • You don't want to buy/depend on any other products after buying Google sniper because it is a all in one money making system includes e-books,workbook,webinars,training videos(All weekly/monthly updated).

  • Though you are a newbie or a experienced marketer Google Sniper works well without any partiality.George introduces a step by step easy to follow instructions with all videos necessary for making a sniper sites and make money out of it. To start all you need is a PC (Working Condition) and a little patience to work the thing out.

  • Google Sniper system is a fully foolproof system where you can make dozens or hundreds of websites related to any niche you wish and make money out of it. "Sniping Live" is another benefit of Google sniper.All the tools are provided for free under the title "Rolodex".

  • Easy to follow manual and training videos are given by George to make it simple.

  • Honestly most of the products after buying tells in their guide to buy some other products to make money,but Google Sniper is entirely different from other products that it is giving Life Time Updates and support to the snipers who are interested to make the real Dollar's from anywhere in the world.

Summary Of Google Sniper

                                Google Sniper Manual.

                               Google Sniper Map 

                               Rolodex Tools Access

Training Videos

Empire Videos

Further Training

Sniper X


I have reach my limits to make this review simpler,better and informative.I am giving you a promise that you will never need any other product after this.Because Google sniper is an All in One Money Making System which gives you real money and satisfaction.Don't worry about the Traffic.By proper optimisation and following George's techniques it is easy to attain the maximum result with lesser expense.

You can also see many testimonials on the Official Website from the actual snipers who are using the product.By searching on the official site can also gives you 100% satisfaction and gives you strength to test the program within 60 days Unconditional Money back Guarantee.Thanks to Google Sniper 2.0 for helping me to attain the simplest way of earning money with lesser work.

See you on the other face, the longer term co-sniper.

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